Web development

Below you can find some demonstrations of my recent web development work.


Created the site (http://ucaptcha.msi.umn.edu) and its back-end with Dr. Sridevi Pudipeddi

European languages like French, German, and Spanish etc are spoken by hundreds of millions of people. There are many books in various fields of science, technology and engineering in these languages. Digitizing and transcribing these books using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs will provide easy access to knowledge and information, which otherwise can only be accessed using the physical copy of the book and hence limited to a privileged few. The OCR programs work well if the scanned document is in a good condition without poor lighting, distortion etc. In the presence of such distortions, the accuracy of OCR falls dramatically. Since computers cannot transcribe them, humans are needed and hence Unicode Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (UCAPTCHA) was created.


I created this site ( http://www.borrow-err.com/ ) to keep tab of items that I lent to others. I have lost numerous books, CDs and DVDs because I do not remember the borrower. You can keep tab of items that you lent easily using this site. You enter that details of the item. We will send you an email every month reminding you about the whereabouts of the item.